It's the Crude, Dude

by Linda McQuaig

review by John W. Herbert
Linda McQuaig’s new book It’s the Crude, Dude highlights America preoccupation (no pun intended) with securing Middle East oil. It’s a well-written, shameful indictment of post-war American foreign policy.
But the real question is will anyone who reads it change their mind?
I call it the “Michael Moore syndrome.” I’ve read all of Moore’s books, and own all his movies (yes, even The Big One. And you’ve got to be a fan in order to sit through that one! But I digress.) So to me, Michael Moore is preaching to the choir. But what worries me is that Moore, and McQuaig with her book, is preaching only to the choir.
As much as I love them, did any right-winger come out of Bowling for Columbine or Fahrenheit 9/11 with their mind changed? I doubt it.
Mind you, it’s not like I’m going to read Ann Coulter and suddenly say, “My god, the leftist dogma dribble that I’ve been following my whole life is so utterly, utterly wrong!”

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