Downsize This! Random Threats From an Unarmed American

by Michael Moore; Crown; $28.95
review by John W. Herbert

He’s at it again. Everyone’s favourite gadfly Michael Moore, the genius behind TV Nation and Roger & Me, continues the battle against untruths, injustice and the American Way in his new book, Downsize This! Moore takes no prisoners, brooks no favours and turns his savage gonzo humour on nearly everyone and everything. He slam politicians and big business remorselessly. Chapter titles include: “Would Pat Buchanan Take a Check From Satan?” (he did, by the way); “If Clinton Had Balls…”; “My Forbidden Love for Hillary”; “A Sperm’s Right to Life”; “Let’s Pick a New Enemy”; and “Why Doesn’t GM Sell Crack?” There’s also a hilarious fake newspaper article entitled “Everyone Fired… Wall Street Reacts Favorably.” Plus a complete set of Corporate Crook Trading Cards. Now how much would you pay? Read it. You’ll laugh ’til you stop.
-- J.W.H.
Originally published by Under the Ozone Hole Number Fifteen – September, 1996

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